Monthly Archives: October 2017

Baby wisdom

Pregnancy, labor and delivery, and my newborn have taught me a lot. Among the lessons: don’t hold onto pain (when the contraction goes, let it go), when it’s time to rest and let go really rest and let go (between contractions, and now, when it’s time to rest or to sleep), take it slow and let things go/ re-learn to give full attention, a central aspect of development is turning instinct over to conscious control. I am also challenged to request help, accept love, remain open to the world, as well as to assert my authority and desire.

Renewed purpose

I’m reappropriating this wordpress site/ blog to develop my ideas that appear as partial outlines in a google doc, notes in the margins, sometimes a facebook post, and once in a while a more elaborated piece of writing.  The idea here is to take these scraps and develop them into paragraphs (or, an opening thesis and outline), spelling out the whole idea rather than leaving it only as a note to jog my memory or get it out of my mind.  I will add tags/ categories so that ideas on the same theme may coalesce into a longer piece (for instance, I have been tracking ideas about the will for a long time, so this would become a tag).  These are rough drafts, a place to collect thoughts– developing them into papers happens elsewhere, as does sharing with a general audience.