Intellectual bio, updated, continued

There is a theme running through many of my questions, interests, and studies across time, maybe always, of the vast diversity of human being and experience, and flexible boundaries. I wonder about how the social world influences how human beings experience themselves, and the power to re-author one’s identity, to give an alternative reading to one’s body. I operate with an idea that what human beings are changes. Our souls are arranged one way in relation to a particular time, place, space, we have different metaphysics at the level of sensation and perception– e.g., in the Iliad, the running soldiers did indeed see Ares over the battlefield (much more interesting than whether they perceived blue in the ocean!). A social constructivist viewpoint, but at the level of the sensory-perceptual felt body. Psychologically, this has to do with my quest for self-reinvention, or having several lives integrated into my life to avoid that choice that leads down a path toward death.

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