Pascalian psychology

S’il se vante, je l’abaisse,
S’il s’abaisse, je le vante;
Et le contredis toujours,
Jusqu’à ce qu’il comprenne
Qu’il est un monstre incompréhensible.

If he vaunts himself, I abase him,
If he abases himself, I vaunt him;
And contradict him always,
Until he comprehends
That he is an incomprehensible monster.

2 thoughts on “Pascalian psychology

  1. method Post author

    “‘Know thyself’ does not mean ‘Observe thyself.’ ‘Observe thyself’ is what the Serpent says. It means: ‘Make yourself master of your actions.’ But you are so already, you are the master of your actions. So that saying means: ‘Misjudge yourself! Destroy yourself!’ which is something evil — and only if one bends down very far indeed does one also hear the good in it, which is: ‘In order to make of yourself what your are.'” — Kafka



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