2012 Year In Review

2012 was good to me. I finished my PhD (with wonderful internship and dissertation experiences) and began a great, unique postdoctoral fellowship. This year I also celebrated my first marriage anniversary and began psychoanalysis. I got to travel, see friends and family, and try some new things.

My goals for the next year include becoming licensed, publishing something based on my dissertation work, and continuing to expand and consolidate my professional identity and practical ability.

Here are some highlights of what I did in the last twelve months:

dissertation draft approved by director, distributed to committee members, progress meeting scheduled
take on second child client at internship, developing child psychotherapy mini-rotation,
become part of new adolescent substance abuse program at internship
chiropractor visit and massage
reading Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot, read Chester Brown’s Paying For It
attend Sundance Film Festival
postdoc interviews, including UMN Human Sexuality Program in Minneapolis
watched all Simon Pegg’s “Spaced,” started watching Breaking Bad
Uncle Bob dies: http://bit.ly/IUQntE, http://bit.ly/JBUFTH

more postdoc interviews in Pgh and MA and by phone in NYC, invited to interview for a tenure-track position in Critical/ Feminist Psychology
dissertation progress meeting in Pgh, schedule my defense for March, visit Nicole & Mike
begin therapy work with a family
see Dave Foley perform stand-up in SLC
watched Portlandia, War Games, The Remains of the Day, In Treatment 3
accepted an offer for a postdoctoral fellowship (2/29)!

Dissertation defense (3/23)
saw Pittsburgh Public Theater’s “Freud’s Last Session” with Nicole and Mike
visit Austin, present postphenomenology paper at Div. 24 conference, go to Zilker Park Kite Festival with Ian & Gillian & Nora, visit Soledad & Jose
read Best Short Stories of 2011
start doing cross-stitch
start watching Star Trek original series, watched A Dangerous Method, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Ghost Dog
begin using Pinterest
start leading groups in adolescent substance abuse program

read The Map and the Territory by Michel Houllebecq, Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLillo
watched Pontypool, Stella, Albert Nobbs, The Baxter
overnight in Ogden, UT
visit family and go to a cat show in Denver, CO
saw Evanston’s local community theater performance (“Kitchen Witches”)
Fairbairn seminars

Joe’s French class in Pgh begins (5/7)
watched We Need to Talk About Kevin, Spellbound, watching Twilight Zone episodes
craniosacral massage at Healing Mountain Massage School
Brief Models of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy seminars
Grandma’s 90th birthday party celebration and potluck in  CO

parents visit Evanston and SLC
attend St. John’s Alumni Leadership Forum in Annapolis, MD
Joe’s French class ends, all requirements for his M.A. are complete
Anti-gravity yoga class
watched Carnage, Gaslight, 12 Angry Men, Mad Men 5

complete all of original Star Trek, watched Workaholics, watching David Wain movies, watched all the Batman movies
go to Evanston Brewfest
watch awesome Evanston fireworks on the 4th
one-year wedding anniversary (7/16), celebrate with champagne at Evanston’s finest (Bon Rico)
internship ends, going-away party, all requirements for Ph.D. are complete– start driving to Massachusetts

visit Nicole & Mike on the way to MA
read Pale Fire and The Luzhin Defense
move to a cottage on a hill…
visit Boston for a few days
begin CSA with Wolfe Spring Farm
start using baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo
finished watching Trailer Park Boys
watching Louie C.K., watched Antichrist & Melancholia
begin postdoctoral fellowship (8/22)
begin psychoanalysis (8/31)

attend Bill & Rachel’s wedding in Boston with Jess and Emily
watching Peep Show
submit a panel proposal w/ Duq colleagues to Division 39 conference (accepted for spring 2013)
first Early Planning Conference (short, public clinical presentation)
second patient
attend lecture and clinical workshop with Philip Bromberg

first, and second, case conferences (detailed presentations of clinical work)
third patient (full case load)
first psych assessment presentation at a case conference
silent observer to a patient government group
complete introductory technique seminars
Dream Seminars w/ Jerry Fromm
attend Lacanian Clinical Forum with Bill Richardson presentation on Heidegger
see Magnetic Fields at Helsinki Hudson!
watching Community, watched Argo, The Man Who Wasn’t There

attend Transference-Focused Psychotherapy training at WPIC, visit Nicole and Mike, dinner at Salt
Begin seminars on Psychoanalysis and the Law with Ann Dailey
“Reskilling Collective” meeting in Albany, begin brewing kombucha again
begin continuous case conference seminars
Thanksgiving at our place w/ Joe’s parents, featuring seitan and brussels sprouts with toasted almonds
watching Twin Peaks, watched Lincoln
new green glass desk from IKEA
massage w/ new massage therapist, haircut w/ new stylist
reading Steven Millhauser, new Zadie Smith book, read Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?
begin Family Work seminars
first Fellows dinner at the Red Lion Inn
re-read McWilliam’s Psychoanalytic Case Formulation

new patient
reading Tom Main’s The Ailment
watched The Sessions
begin silently observing a small group, continuing to learn about group processes
Fellows group meets with organizational consultant
join WMAAP (http://www.wmaapp.org)
attend lecture and clinical workshop with Steven Cooper
watch patient performance of Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle
go to Society of Friends meeting in Great Barrington
contribute to a book chapter for publication with two colleagues
car repairs, get snow tires
join Berkshire South Community Center
New Year’s in New York w/ Jess & Emily

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